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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 7, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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anything illegal. under california law, he has the right to defend himself against an intruder. guillermo's family disagreed. >> when he is small and diminutive in stature comes knocking in thinking it's his apartment, does a reasonable man think his life is in danger? >> reporter: under the castle doctrine the shooter is protected when making an honest and reasonable mistake in his home. >> somebody breaks into your apartment, somebody who is not a member of family, they are presumed to be there with the intent of doing you harm which allows you to retaliate in self- defense and shoot him. >> reporter: the prosecutors say the investigation is ongoing but allen, they say unless new evidence comes up to prove any wrongdoing, there will not be any charges. >> linda, the castle doctrine talks about assumptions and honest mistake. any way the shooter is not protected under this? >> reporter: well, the only case -- and this is what legal
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experts believe -- is that if the shooter's home is a boarding home, for example, and there's a constant traffic in and out or if the shooter has a lot of visitors that may come in and out all the time, that would be the only way you can shoot a hole in that but, of course, every case is different and this one he had a right to do what he did. >> met the criteria. thank you. new at 5:00, a raging fire under a berkeley overpass. our photographer caught the flames shooting as high as 30 feet into the air at one point. a bunch of plastic bins are stored under the i-80 overpass. they helped fuel that fire. now, as intense as it looks, firefighters doused the flames in under 20 minutes. we're told the homeless encampment likely sparked the inferno and two men were taken into custody for questioning. there's a big flap in oakland over how the post office dealt with a flock of nesting birds making a mess of the mail trucks. witnesses tell kpix 5 reporter juliette goodrich it was a massacre. juliette.
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>> reporter: well, liz, those post office trucks sit right beneath those trees and while there are birds in the trees and birds can make quite a mess, so when they came to trim the trees, some of those birds fell some 30 feet to the ground and witnesses fear some of the eggs and nests may have landed in a wood chipper. five rescued chicks are now being cared for at the international bird rescue in fairfield. they are just one to three weeks old knocked out of their nests during tree trimming and injured from the fall. this little one's beak was damaged. >> none have any infections. they are healthy but bruised. >> reporter: they are black crown night herrons and nest in city owned trees around the post office and everywhere. the problem they make a mess and that mess was getting on the city's postal truck like it did though this parking meter. what is the protocol on tree
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trimming? >> hands off. you can't disturb them. >> reporter: the person in charge of trimming the trees said it was an accident and he is to blame. an independent contractor who borrowed the campos' truck and equipment to do the job. >> a human being makes mistakes. i'm fully responsible for it. if i have to go to jail for that, i'll be more than happy to do it because i made a mistake. >> reporter: state and federal wildlife officials are investigating because nest destruction is a violation of the u.s. migratory bird treaty acts. nearby residents don't know who to blame. >> it's frustrating to see these trees get whacked and the birds while they're nesting. i don't know if there were any active nests destroyed. >> reporter: at this point, there are no reports of any birds dying or nest eggs destroyed. the post office says this is a terrible accident. they would never want to hurt any wildlife. in fact, they issue stamps to protect birds. in oakland, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> killing nesting migratory
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birds carries a fine of $2,000 per bird and up to six months in jail. but so far in this case there are no confirmed deaths only injuries. a young mountain lion is back in the wild tonight after sneaking around a bay area neighborhood and causing quite a scene. turns out authorities had eyes on it the entire time. kpix 5's da lin shows us there are several mountain lions being tracked in the bay area right now. da. >> reporter: allen, that one lion is one of 15 being tracked in the entire bay area. and i think most young fellas can relate to that mountain lion caught here last night. we know for a fact that he left his mother about 10 days ago looking for a new territory and in search of love. but he found out the hard way, no cougars here. even before this mountain lion was spotted under the car, the gps collar on him shows he had been wandering in the streets of santa clara county for a few days. the yellow line shows his
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movements. >> crosses 280 and starts moving around into downtown mountain view. >> reporter: the cat known as 46m even spent tuesday morning sleep outside a mountain view complex before neighbors spotted him later that night. >> he was behind these bushes outside this apartment building. and he was, you know, crouched down and cowering. no one saw him from what i understand, a fairly busy street. >> reporter: the discovery of a big cat forced evacuations in the neighborhood. luckily, he was cornered in a locked garage on california street. the wildlife biologist who put the tracker collar on 46m back in january was also the man who raced to the street and tranquilizized him. >> unbeknownsted to him stuck his butt out the rear of the car providing a little window of opportunity to dart him and i was able to get a dart in his butt. >> reporter: 46m is one of 14 big cats being tracked in the
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santa cruz mountains. another team of biologists also has a gps collar on a female mountain lion in the hills east of san jose. biologists say it's unusual for these big cats to venture into a city but 46m is looking for a new home and more. >> he is looking for mates. and, uhm, he is probably not going to find them in downtown mountain view and he probably knows that, too. >> reporter: that male mountain lion about 110 pounds two years old. everybody involved in the capture of 46m is happy with the outcome because no one got hurt. live in mountain view, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> there comes a time for every young man, right? the tracking, capture and release of mountain lion 46m drew lots of online attention so much so that the lion even got his own fake twitter account during the ordeal. mountain view police were also constantly tweeting updates along with pictures of the animal during the night. a south bay man faces life in prison for killing a friend
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just for the thrill of it. a jury today convicted 20-year- old jay williams of first- degree murder. the victim, 15-year-old michael russell, was stabbed to death in his own backyard in 2009. at the time, williams said he did it because he worships satan. his alleged accomplice randy thompson will be tried next. other bay area headlines, sunnyvale police want to put a name to this sketch. the man's wanted for robbing an elderly couple at gunpoint in their home over the weekend. one of the victims said the man had an accent and full beard that was closely trimmed. redwood city police want to know if you recognize any of this. they just uploaded these photos to their pinterest page. it's all stolen property recovered during an investigation into a string of open house thefts back in 2011. if you think any of it belongs to you, call the police. a landlord backed off his demands that tenants make $100,000 or leave. we first brought you the story
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yesterday. renters at the building in san francisco's lower haight were shocked to get the letter last month. after the backlash, the landlord robert shelton sent out a new letter yesterday saying he had changed his mind. that's probably wise because lawyers we checked with say posting new income requirements for existing tenants is illegal. 49ers' colin kaepernick says he is glad the truth is getting out regarding that suspicious incident in a miami hotel. his comments come just a day after police released 911 calls. the recordings detail that a 25- year-old woman was in a hotel room with several nfl players. she stripped off her clothes jumped into bed and refused to leave. kaepernick tweeted, on 911 calls i'm glad the truth is getting out. info that came out early just was totally wrong. i look forward to this matter being resolved. >> so far no charges have been filed. a teacher trusted her instincts. now she has lost her job for trying to break up a fight.
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the critical rule she broke with a broom. >> she is at the center of the sterling scandal and a blackmail investigation. now new questions about v stiviano's latest role. is she fit to be a foster mother? >> reporter: good wednesday evening to you, meteorologist paul deanno live weather along the embarcadero on another day with temperatures running below normal. but wait until you find out when 90s are returning to our forecast. i'll have that next. >> everyone that i've shown has been, oh, my god, i didn't realize. >> a hidden danger that's in most of our junk drawers. how you could be a spark away from a devastating fire. ,, ,,
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these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. company involved in the fie freeway disaster near orlan 18 year a los angeles teenager is suing fedex and the bus company involved in that fiery freeway disaster near or la. 18-year-old miles hill was sitting behind the bus drive when a fedex truck hit the bus head on killing 10 people. hill had a broken collarbone and burns in the accident. he says he had to kick out a
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bus window to get out and that the bus company did not have a safe escape route. donald sterling's former girlfriend has taken on a surprising new role, as a foster mother. her attorney says stiviano is looking after two boys ages 12 and 13. the county apparently approved her before the racism scandal erupted around sterling. they say stiviano took all the required steps and passed a background check but according to tmz, stiviano does have a criminal past including burglary, along with several aliases. >> you know, we do have some laws we have to follow. but it doesn't automatically disqualify you. >> meanwhile, stiviano is now being investigated for extortion. the d.a. is looking into claims that she tried to get sterling to pay her off to keep more recordings private. well, an outpouring of support for a teacher who was fired for using a broom to break up a classroom fight. cell phone video captured two students punching each other. this is in detroit. the two of them end up on the
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floor and that's when first year teacher tiffany eaton tries to intervene. she starts hitting one of the students with the broom handle. >> my daughter is every bit of 5'2" and her reaction was -- it was just in the best interests of the students not only -- not both of them, not just one of them. >> teachers are supposed to call security but eaton claims her two-way radio was not working. she plans to appeal the firing. an online petition for the teacher to get her job back has more than 1,000 signatures right now. a head start before the shaking. is technology that could save lives in an earthquake. and the major hurdle keeping california for putting it to use. >> and you got to feel for the person parked next to this guy. the quick thinking witnesses who didn't let that driver get away. ,,,,
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that's why they have lots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. for mother's day weekend two pounds of driscoll's strawberries are just $3.99 moms love tulips. they're just $5.99 a bunch. and brew up starbucks for only $6.99. there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life. the state has the technolog detect an earthquake beforet happens. but a we're all wondering when california will get hit with the next "big one." the state has the technology to detect an earthquake before it happens but as kpix 5 reporter anne makovec reports, the project is still on shaky ground. >> earthquake, earthquake! >> reporter: there are seismic sensors all around the bay area and there's a new push to get more. enough to create early warnings
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to save lives. >> think about the train engineer before the train goes over eight bridge or enters a tunnel. think about a doctor in an operating room, easy to remove the scalpel before the violent shaking starts. >> reporter: even with our extensive earthquake technology, california is decades behind other countries in warning capabilities. mexico city had 71 seconds before shaking from a 7.2 quake hit the capital. that system has been in place for 21 years. >> why we don't have a system like in place already is beyond me. >> reporter: state senator alex padilla put forward a bill for a early warning system to send out an emergency alert but it hasn't happened yet. >> it's about time, money and opportunity and we're leveraging all that as we go on. >> reporter: the bill came with a caveat that the $80 million needed for the system couldn't come out of california's general fund. so now there's a new effort to partner with private companies. the office of emergency services says the money needs
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to be consistent. >> because of budget cutbacks and other things, it's been up, down, and i want to get away from that hot and cold. >> reporter: right now, the $80 million needed for the first phase of this project is not in the governor's budget. but the money could come from individual state departments. padilla says he is confident that the earthquake early warning system will be in place within two years. in vallejo, anne makovec, kpix 5. a potential game changer in the fight to bring kill switch technology to all smartphones in california. kpix 5 insider phil matier reports, apple has dropped its opposition to kill switch legislation. apple one of the biggest cell phone manufacturers in the world. it comes as state senator mark leno plans to introduce another bill tomorrow. a similarville came up two votes short a -- a similar bill came up two votes short a few weeks ago. president obama will be in los angeles tonight for a fundraiser.
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earlier he was in arkansas to see the devastation from last week's tornadoes. one twister wiped out a whole subdivision. the president arrives in silicon valley tomorrow for two fundraisers for the democratic national committee. the white house claims russia has not withdrawn troops from the ukrainian border despite claims from president putin. the obama administration says there is no evidence to prove otherwise. about 40,000 russian troops have been positioned on ukraine's border for several weeks. u.s. officials charge the troops are there to stir up instability in ukraine. a mixed day on wall street with tech stocks getting clobbered. federal reserve chair janet yellen says the fed will likely keep borrowing low rates for a while. the dow and s&p were up, tech stocks like twitter and aol dragged the nasdaq down. soy sauce believe it or not could be the secret ingredient in the fight against aids.
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virologists confirmed a 2001 favor that a flavor enhancing molecule in the sauce could potentially be used to treat hiv. it belongs to a family of compounds that helps prevent the virus from replicating. oh-oh is right! instead of backing out of the parking spot, the driver in the honda crv decided to make what looks like a 10-point turn. this is a shopping center in philadelphia. it landed perpendicular stuck between the two cars. he backed into the truck behind him. employees at a hair salon recorded it and called police. the driver eventually had to wait for one of the cars to leave. hopefully they all traded insurance information. then he could finally pull out. how did he do that? >> oh. >> how did he do that? >> painful to watch. [ laughter ] >> slow motion. yeah. chief meteorologist paul deanno with mobile weather out on san francisco's embarcadero. paul, pretty hard to complain about today's weather. it seemed like the windy
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weather is sort of calmed down. >> reporter: the past couple of days we saw wind gusts at ocean beach at 46 miles per hour. breezy but not as windy. you can see the flags flying around a little bit on top of the ferry building the palm trees swaying in the breeze but certainly less wind today compared to the past couple of days and a very pleasant wednesday to get outside. take a look at your current conditions. in oakland, we are at 62 degrees. livermore 65. santa rosa the warm spot at 70. san jose 64. san francisco currently 59 degrees. so it's not a warm day but it is comfortable outside. overnight tonight as clouds increase, you can see that increase outside your house right now. lows will be in the lower 50s generally, san jose 51, san francisco 53. and concord 52 degrees overnight tonight. here's what's happening. as a big ridge of high pressure is on its way here but taking its time, a tiny area of low pressure is going to pass by to us north and blossom once it passes by. that will give us a cloudier day tomorrow a cooler day tomorrow with a slight chance of a shower. now, as that low parks itself off to our east and that big
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strong ridge will move into our west we'll be caught in between. it will be sunny but it's going to be warmer and windy upcoming this weekend. friday and saturday especially will be two very windy days before the winds relax again coming up on mother's day which is sunday of course. so futurecast you can see the clouds increase and that's a gray color that you see and some spotty showers a little bit of green on your television screen there. we'll have some on-and-off showers for the morning commute tomorrow. if anything, you will get about 1/20th of an inch of rainfall, not a drought buster but it may be the only rain we see for the next couple of weeks. spotty showers especially in the north bay coming up tomorrow. what to expect, partly cloudy tonight a breezy night especially along the coast. but not as windy as the past couple of days. more clouds tomorrow. that's for everyone. we'll all be mostly cloudy with sprinkles. then when that moves out it's all about the sunshine. warmer sunny this weekend very warm especially coming up on sunday. highs tomorrow a lot of 60s out there. we'll be shy of 70 degrees in
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san rafael and napa. santa rosa 68. livermore 70 tomorrow. friday, breezy mostly sunny skies. saturday windier day of the two, hold on to your hat. mid-70s inland, 60s in the bay. mother's day sunday 80s inland 70s near the bay and we are not done yet. by tuesday and wednesday next week, 80s near the water and 90s likely tuesday and wednesday inland. back out here on the embarcadero, it's comfortable outside. i see a lot of jackets. tomorrow i don't think it's umbrella weather but don't be surprised if you have a shower or two on your thursday. reporting live from san francisco, paul deanno, back to you in the studio. >> we'll enjoy it. thanks, paul. take a look at this little guy. it's a red panda and he put on quite the show for its debut at the san francisco zoo today. the 10-month-old took to his new treehouse heading straight for the bamboo, of course. he is no dummy. the panda was officially named tenzing after a sherpa. this is native to the
5:22 pm
himalayas. you can see him saturday. >> he is going to be one popular resident. >> he is adorable. >> cute. >> i love that tail. a junk drawer danger. old batteries could be a touch away from burning your house down. but the simple storage tips that could save lives. ,,
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batteries, and you've got a cipe for disaster. every home has a junk drawer in the kitchen, right? toss in a couple of nine volt batteries and you have a recipe for disaster! on the consumerwatch, julie watts hears from one homeowner who learned that near fatal lesson. >> i have a fire! i need the fire department here. >> inside your house? >> yes, inside my house. >> reporter: dave miller never forget the day his house burned down. the culprit? something that was supposed to protect his family from fire. >> i had just recently changed the batteries in my smoke detectors. >> reporter: but shortly after he tossed the nine volt batteries into a paper bag for recycling. >> two batteries touched together and burned down my house. >> reporter: dave is on a mission to prevent others from the same fate. >> everyone that i have shown
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has been, oh, my god, i didn't realize. >> reporter: san francisco firefighters say even they were shocked to see how fast the battery fire can start. in this simulation, she digs through the contents of a junk drawer. >> safety clips, pins, nails. >> reporter: add a couple of 9- volts and within seconds the steel wool sparks a fire. >> once this gets going if this was your cabinet, it would start to go up. >> reporter: so we obviously have a lot of batteries. >> reporter: a danger miller says can catch anyone by surprise even a tv station. this is how we store ours. dave stopped by kpix 5 to give us a lesson in proper battery storage. >> that's a pretty good example of how not to store batteries. >> reporter: dave suggests keeping all batteries in their original packaging until you need them. and always wrap old batteries with electrical tape before tossing them into the recycling bin a simple message that dave knows firsthand can save your life. >> fire department here!
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>> reporter: now, any battery can spark a fire but it's most common with nine volts because the terminals are side by side so they can touch a metal object or another battery and complete the circuit. they have also been known to burn people who put them in their pockets. mr. martin, i understand that actually happened to you. >> it didn't -- yeah, exactly. i had one and i think it was a penny that shorted between the two and it got hot and i pulled it out and that's what happened. >> reporter: our photographer had a burn on her leg from this. there are websites like snoeps that say it's made up. that fire is evidence that these can actually happen. >> we all have them because we need them for our smoke detectors and we all have 9- volts. >> reporter: be careful with how through them away and store them. >> thank you. we'll be right back.
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almost everyone e city needs more i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, almost everyone in oakland agrees, the city needs more police. but tonight, we ask are taxpayers willing to pay for it? the results of our exclusive kpix 5 poll. >> plus, bus riders airborne injured and crying after a speed bump mishap. tonight how that incident proves costly for a bay area transit agency. allen and liz, we're talking millions and millions of dollars. >> wow. for one speed bump. looked like it was taken fast. see you in 30 minutes. thanks for watching. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado
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area transit a >> pelley: tonight, the school girls held hostage. more violence in nigeria today as more than 200 teenagers remain in the hands of terrorists. debora patta is in nigeria. margaret brennan on u.s. help on the way. and michelle miller on how social media made the crime a worldwide cause. a surprising report card today on how many high school or are proficient in math and reading. ben tracy has the numbers. the feds take action after a series of explosions on crude oil trains. jeff pegues with today's developments. and a slam dunk for mother's day. >> you sacrificed for us. you're the real m.v.p. >> pelley: james brown with kevin durant and the woman who made him a star. captioning sponsored


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